At Connect, we work to create opportunities for members of our community in Sharpstown/Gulfton by connecting them with essential resources, local institutions and one another to help build a brighter future for us all.



The idea is simple: meaningful connection is the root of shared success. It will take communal support to tackle complex and deeply rooted challenges like intergenerational poverty, unsafe living environments, and failing schools. 

Our solution is based on the Purpose Built Communities model which works with residents to create both a pathway out of poverty and build a healthy, sustainable neighborhood.  Our key strategies are a cradle through college education pipeline, health and wellness programs and mixed income housing, all coordinated by a local community quarterback organization. 




We partner with an incredible network of local volunteers, governments, businesses and best-in-class organizations to provide a comprehensive approach that supports the well-being, education and financial independence of our neighbors. Coordinating these efforts, Connect Community engages community members, builds partnerships, secures funding, and ensures implementation of our many initiatives.  


Cradle-to-College Education

We will help contribute to a great future by providing high quality educational options for everyone, including a child development center, K-12 school options, and adult learning opportunities. KIPP: Connect recently renovated a 155,000 sq. ft. school building that will serve over 1,800 Pre-K3 - 12th grade students by 2022. Houston Center for Literacy provides adult learners with GED, ESL and technical certification classes.

Community Health
& Well-being

At Connect Community, we work closely with residents to bring in partners with a proven track record of success to provide wraparound services such as health, after school, academic support and recreation programs. Beginning this summer, kids and adults will be able to exercise and engage in community wellness activities on a new soccer field at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church.

Mixed-Income Housing

An environment that provides solid construction and practical amenities surrounded by safe walkways and streets transforms the way residents view themselves and their neighborhood. That’s why we will work to identify a first-class housing partner to design and develop high-quality, mixed-income housing to serve a wide range of incomes and support the incredible diversity in our community.